How to watch K-Dramas


Viki has 3 plans, a really cheap plan that's actually great for watching older content and worth a look because there's a lot to see. If you wait 3 weeks, you can see the new content.

They currently have 3 subscription plans:

Viki Pass Basic, $0.99, Ad-Free & HD

As of the date I updated this description (which is May 17, 2021), Viki Standard is almost $5 per month or $49.99 per year.

Viki Plus is priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year with a retrieval date of July 10, 2019.

Viki requires a credit card and charges in US dollars, so the amount you pay in your country's currency may vary. The downside is that translations are made by fans, so they are not always the best quality and take some time to upload. Another problem is that even if you pay, you're often told that the content you're trying to watch is "unavailable." In your area", they don't have a license for all the dramas currently airing in Korea.


Netflix has always had content from Korea, but now it's expanding its content with new dramas and even exclusive series. You must check your country's prices and payment methods as they are charged in local currency

As you know, Dramafever is down and very good, unfortunately there is no word on a similar platform.

Paid services have the best image, all their videos are in high definition, better sound, completely ad free, as long as you pay for a subscription.

These sites are legit, bring the serial license they paid for. No one is giving away anything and if you go to the cinema you have to pay for a ticket.

On public television, advertisers pay, so viewers pay nothing.

Here's how to watch the show on your phone:

If you have an Android operating system, you can download the VIKI app from Google Play.

If you have Windows OS, you can go to the store to download VIKI.

Both companies also have their own apps for the IOS operating system.

My Experience

VIKI sometimes have some problems with licenses, for example, I choose a drama but whe I try to watch it, it wasn't available in my country and I had a premium. There is no solution for this.

VIKI's translation is very formal. VIKI was built with heart by a group of volunteers. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But we really appreciate it! ! ! ! Also, there is now a new Viki Pass Plus model which is more expensive but improved.

Kocowa: Your Destination for Exclusive Korean Entertainment

Launched in Los Angeles back in 2017, Kocowa stands out as a premier platform sourcing its diverse content directly from South Korea. Boasting an expansive library of over 17,000 hours of Korean TV content, including fan-favorite shows like Running Man and The Penthouse, Kocowa offers an array of K-drama series, movies, reality shows, docuseries, and even K-pop events and competitions. The platform ensures an enriched experience by categorizing K-drama titles into specific genres such as romance, sports, crime, and action. Following a model akin to Netflix, Kocowa presents curated rows highlighting trending, new, and genre-specific content, delighting users with its prompt subtitling of newly released shows.

Accessible via the Kocowa app or website without sign-up requirements, users can enjoy select content for free. Additionally, Taste24HR enables immediate access to Korean shows post-broadcast on networks like MBC, KBS, and SBS, available for 24 hours with or without subtitles and featuring occasional ads.

Opting for a basic subscription priced at $7 monthly or $70 annually grants ad-free access to the entire streaming service, complete with a 14-day free trial. An upgraded premium subscription at $8 per month offers the added perk of offline downloads.

While Kocowa is also accessible through Viki, its full library is not available there. Users in the US, Canada, and specific South American regions can directly access Kocowa via its website or through Roku, Chromecast, Android, and iOS devices. Notably, Kocowa isn't currently supported on Amazon's Fire TV devices, but US customers can access it as a Prime Video add-on channel for $7 per month.

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