Queen of tears explained ending and summary

Queen of tears explained ending

Queen of tears explained ending and summary

The kdrama "Queen of Tears" has come to an end, and it's been a hit with both critics and audiences. This Korean series, consisting of 16 episodes and available on Netflix, really touched our hearts and will stay with us forever.


Queen of Tears Summary

Unlike many other Kdramas, this series isn't about two protagonists falling in love; instead, it starts when they're about to part ways.

Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun) is a smart and honest lawyer from a humble background.

Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji Won) is a powerful executive from a wealthy family that owns the Queens Group, where Hae-in works. She's hardworking but also arrogant.

They met when they were interns at her grandfather's firm, fell in love, and despite their different backgrounds, got married.

Unfortunately, just three years later, they've grown apart. Hyung-woo feels frustrated by his wife's lack of interest and by the pressure of dealing with her family. He's even considering ending it all.

Right when he's about to ask for a divorce, Hae-in tells him she has a tumor and only three months to live. Hyung-woo sees the perfect opportunity to get rid of a wife he's beginning to hate and, at the same time, ensure he's included in her will.

Can they recover the love that was lost?

Queen of tears explained ending (Spoilers)

Brief Summary queen of tears spoilers

After having surgery in Germany and losing her memory, Hae-in is left in the care of Eun-Seong, who has managed to frame Hyung-woo for murder. Eun-Seong manipulates our protagonist, making her believe that her husband had cheated on her and was only with her for money. She also burns the diary where she had written everything she wanted to remember about Hyun-woo.

Back in Korea, Hyun-woo is found innocent of the murder charge and can return to his life, although he is saddened because his wife continues to distance herself from him.

Finally, Hae-in remembers enough to realize that she loved her husband, and with the diary in her hands, which hadn't been completely burned, she calls Hyun-woo.

But Eun-Seong wasn't going to make it easy for our protagonists, and she continues to track Hae-in using the tracker she put on her phone. When our protagonists are about to reunite, Hae-in is kidnapped, and Eun-Seong hits Hyun-woo with her car, leaving him badly injured.

Final Episode

The final episode of "Queen of Tears" begins with Yoon Eun-Seong kidnapping Hae-In. She tries to escape, but Eun-Seong threatens her with a weapon.

Hyun-Woo continues to fight for his life in the hospital, but when his parents come to visit him, he's gone. He has gone to search for Hae-In to rescue her, but he's badly injured from the hit-and-run.

Hae-In realizes that Eun-Seong is deeply obsessed with her and pretends to apologize to temporarily calm him down. Eun-Seong reveals that at dawn, they will take a helicopter to get married and then run Queens Group together.

Hyun-Woo manages to locate Hae-In and confirm that she's alive. He asks Grace to inform Mo Seul-hee about Hae-In's disappearance and Eung-Seung's plans. Fearful that her son might betray her and take over Queens Group, she sets out to find them.

Rescue of Hae-In

Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo and Yang-Gi arrived at the main house to rescue Hae-In.

Inside the house, Hae-In overhears Eun-Seong and Seul-Hee's conversation about how Eun-Seong had orchestrated the accident at the beach years ago, where she nearly drowned and her older brother, Su-Wan, died.

As mother and son argue, Hyun-Woo rescues Hae-In, and they flee.

Eun-Seong, who seems to have a sixth sense for finding Hae-In, catches up to them and shoots at Hae-In, but Hyun-Woo steps in and takes the bullet for her.

The police, who have arrived at the house, shoot Eun-Seong, killing him.

Will Hyun-Woo Survive?

Hyun-Woo is admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Seul-Hee finds the hidden money from Hae-In's grandfather's fund. She's about to flee when the police inform her of her son Eun-Seong's death.

Back at home, Hae-In's parents, Kim Seon-Hwa and Hong Beom-Jun, look through photos of their beach vacation together and realize that Hyun-Woo was the person who saved Hae-In's life when she was a child.

Hae-In recognizes her in-laws when they arrive at the hospital and collapses, making us fear the worst.

Seon-Hwa tells Hyun-Woo's mother, Jeon Beong-Ae, about the intertwined fate of their children and apologizes for being so cruel to Hyun-Woo and his entire family.

Finally, when Hyun-Woo wakes up from the successful surgery, Hae-In shares some memorable memories with him.

Revenge against Mo Seul-Hee

Man-Dae's three sons, Hong Beom-Seok, Beom-Ja, and Beom-Jun, come together to seek revenge against Mo Seul-Hee. The latter decides to buy more shares of Queens using the secret fund.

With this information, Hyun-Woo helps the family understand the illegal use of the secret fund and promises to file a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Cheon Da-Hye decides to confess her crimes and advises Grace to do the same. She has chosen to live honestly and confesses everything to her husband Soo-Cheol.

The conspirators in "Queen of Tears" (Credit TvN)

In the trial regarding Seul-Hee's use of the secret fund, Hyun-Woo provides enough evidence to prove that she persuaded people to buy problematic land, making it seem like the plaintiffs withdrew because of their investment in the land.

When Seul-Hee's lawyer tried to blame Eun-Seong for it, Da-Hye took the stand to confess the entire plot against the Hong family.

Da-Hye confesses that Seul-Hee advised her to hide her identity and marry Soo-Cheol, whom she persuaded to close the deal on the fraudulent land and tourist complex.

As if this weren't enough, Hyun-Woo presents a video in court showing Seul-Hee drugging Man-Dae with poison. The police then arrest her for attempted murder.

Final Scenes of "Queen of Tears"

The Hong family was reinstated in Queens Group with honors.

We see happy moments like:

  • Soo-Cheol spending time with his son Geon-U while they wait for Da-Hye to be released from prison.
  • Beom-Ja (Hae-In's aunt) and Young Song starting their romance, and Baek Mi-Sun (Hyun-woo's sister) reuniting with her husband.

Hae-In continues to pursue her dream of making Queens stores more welcoming for customers. Secretary Na informs her that Hyun-Woo has booked a restaurant where people propose. However, it turns out to be an office party, dampening Hae-In's expectations.

After returning home, Hae-In remembers when the couple lost their baby, which breaks her heart.

The next day, while taking a walk, they promise to stay together despite the challenges and try to have a child. Hyun-Woo proposes to her, and after some teasing, Hae-In accepts.

At the end of the episode, Da-Hye and Grace are released from the correctional facility and reunite with Soo-Cheol and his family.

Both families build happy memories together.

Does "Queen of Tears" have a happy ending?

Definitely, yes. In the final scenes, we can see that Hyun-Woo and Hong Hae-in have overcome all the difficulties and travel to Germany with their little one.

The series takes us back to Germany. Years later, Hyun-Woo climbs the stairs of the palaces of Potsdam, this time alone. Hae-In overcame her illness, and they lived many years together. She passed away first, in 2074, at the age of 84.

"When only one of us remains, the other will come to meet them. Then, there will be no fear. Because we'll be together."

My Review (Completely Personal)

This year 2024 is leaving us with Korean dramas of incredible quality, like "Marry My Husband", which was my favorite until now, but "Queen of Tears" has surpassed it by far.

The main couple has fantastic chemistry. In every episode, they made me laugh, cry, and fall in love with them. Despite being very different, they are made for each other:

  • She appears cold and distant, but she adores her husband. He's all she needs, and throughout the series, you don't hear a single bad word from her about him.
  • He is more emotional, and despite their lack of communication leading them to drift apart, he adores his wife and is willing to support her unconditionally.

The supporting cast also wins over the audience's heart: from Hae-In's not-so-bright brother, who has a huge heart and is as tender as can be, to the villain Eung-Seung, for whom you end up feeling some pity because he has such a horrible mother (by the way, this actor is so good that he's even accosted on the street).

The parents of both protagonists have also left us with unforgettable moments because of the contrast between rural Korea and a Chaebol family, who are forced to live together after losing all their fortune.

Interesting Facts

  • The series features the stellar appearance of Song Joong-ki, playing one of his most popular characters, Vincenzo Cassano, giving us some incredibly funny scenes.
  • The song from the final scenes, "Way Home", is sung by the protagonist, Kim Soo-hyun. It's beautiful, just like the final images... making us cry a little more.
  • Hae-In has a commemorative plaque in the cemetery they visited together on their honeymoon in Germany. She had a vision of Hyung-woo leaving flowers at her grave.
  • It seems that the ending of the series was changed on the fly due to the great success of the series and the audience demanding a happy ending for our protagonists. Two special episodes will also be aired, and we're eagerly awaiting them.

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did... I've been humming the main ballad for several days now.

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