Descendants of the Sun – Revisiting My Beloved Flower Boy

Descendants of the Sun

In 2015, it was "Yong Pal." The show gained popularity among Korean viewers, with some episodes reaching a remarkable 23% rating and becoming the standout drama of the year. Personally, while it wasn't a drama that appealed to me, I found it hard to stop watching, primarily due to Joo Won's captivating performance.

However, the real highlight of the year was "Descendants of the Sun."

Some interesting facts

Did you know that visual effects play a pivotal role in this series? The production budget amounted to $10 million, with a substantial 65% allocated to crafting authentic real-world scenes. Notably, around 70% of the series was filmed in Greece. An impressive sum of approximately 2 billion won (about $1.7 million) was dedicated to environmental enhancements, skillfully executed through CG effects (Computer-generated imagery). One member of the production crew commented, “I can’t specify the exact cost of the CG effects, but a significant investment was made in recreating authentic locations.”


The show's soundtrack consists of four songs sung by famous singers. The songs were very effective and did very well on the music charts.

Part 1:Artist: Yoon Mi Rae Launch Date: Febraury 18 2016 Always
Part 2: Artist: Chen (EXO) & Punch Launch date: Febraury 25 2016 Everytime
Part 3: Artist: Davichi Launch date: March 03 2016 이 사랑 (This Love)
Part 4: Artist: Gummy Launch date : March 10 2016 You Are My Everything

The director and producer is Li Yingfu, who has directed "Secret Love", "Dream High School", "Dream High School 2" and so on. Writer Kim Eun-sook lists "Secret Garden" and "The Heirs" as her most famous dramas. So I'm going to post my humble opinion on what I've seen, which is 4 episodes.

What is the premise of this drama?

The narrative unfolds through two intertwined love stories. Song Joong Ki portrays Captain Yoo Si Jin, while Song Hye Kyo embodies Dr. Kang Moyun. Additionally, Jin-goo takes on the role of Sergeant Seo Da-yong, and Kim Ji-won portrays Lieutenant Yoon Myung-joo. The unique essence of the show lies in the portrayal of two individuals unexpectedly finding love amidst their unwavering dedication to their respective professions.

In a pivotal moment during the first episode, at the 45-minute mark, Yoo Shi Jin initiates a conversation with Doctor Kang Mo Yun, questioning the plausibility of her having a boyfriend due to her demanding profession. Her sharp response challenges societal norms, leading to a dialogue that subtly advances the plot.

The secondary romantic subplot follows the love story between Sergeant Major Seo Dae Yung and First Lieutenant Surgeon Yoon Myung Joo, played by Jin Goo. Their relationship faces obstacles, primarily from Lieutenant Yoon's father, Commander Yoon.

Amidst the love stories, the plot weaves in elements of conspiracy, espionage, missions, perilous situations, and emergency operations, creating a complex narrative to unravel.

The series delves into ethical dilemmas, prompting characters, whether soldiers or doctors, to confront the question of whether they should comply with unethical orders.

At its core, the show carries a profound message as characters grapple with themes of integrity, honor, dignity, greed, power, corruption, and cowardice.


Descendants of the Sun Trailer

Descendants of the Sun characters 

What do this power couple have to say? They are simply perfect! Song Hye Kyo emanates gentleness and elegance, while Song Joong Ki exudes infinite warmth. Their synchronicity is mesmerizing, sharing a striking resemblance and equal beauty.

The character of the doctor is portrayed as a resolute and principled professional, unyielding when it comes to saving a patient's life.

On the flip side, Yoo Si-jin embodies the persona of a courageous soldier with a touch of mischief and humor. His laughter is downright irresistible! Take a moment, close your eyes, and listen to his voice; he's an actor akin to Joo Won, utterly likable.

Supporting characters Xu Darong and Yin Mingzhu present a contrast with rougher, intense, patient, and darker characteristics, adding an alluring depth to the narrative.

The main actors serve as paragons of integrity and honesty, true heroes!

During a particularly memorable moment, one of them dons the team's T-shirt, rallying cheers from all around. Wherever they go, we eagerly follow!

Regarding the episodes, the first one holds a special place in my heart. It boasts a humor that, unfortunately, seems to diminish in subsequent episodes. While the others maintain a good pace, none quite reach the level set by the initial installment. The overall rhythm, although slightly challenging in the first part, does not wane over the 16 episodes. The series maintains its quality throughout.

Lastly, Director Li Yingfu deserves commendation for the technical finesse exhibited in this series. Beyond the breathtaking scenery, the cinematography, zooming in and out of the lens, nuanced speed changes in the scenes – all masterfully executed to accentuate specific images or elements.

Now, let's rally behind this recommendation!

Onward for more excellence!

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