Hyeri of Girl's Day Eyed for Lead Role in 'Friendly Rivalry,' an Upcoming LGBT K-Drama


Fans of K-Dramas and enthusiasts of Girl's Day may soon be thrilled by some exciting news: Hyeri is being eyed to headline the cast of the highly anticipated LGBTIQ+ drama, "Friendly Rivalry." This insider information is sourced from reliable outlets, revealing that the star is earnestly contemplating the offer to undertake a role that could mark a significant milestone in her career.

"Friendly Rivalry" is an original production by TVING poised to enthrall audiences with its compelling storyline and intricately crafted characters. Inspired by the work of Song Chae Yoon, the series follows the journey of Yoo Jae Yi and Seul Gi, two high school students whose seemingly unbreakable bond hides profound secrets capable of altering their lives irrevocably. Delving into themes of friendship, rivalry, and the tumultuous path to adulthood, the show navigates the complexities of adolescent life amidst a backdrop of fierce competition for dominance within their school community.

Hyeri, celebrated for her portrayal in the hit drama "Reply 1988" and other standout projects like "Entertainer" and "My Roommate Is a Gumiho," is under consideration to embody Yoo Jae Yi in "Friendly Rivalry." Yoo Jae Yi is a student who embodies perfection outwardly but grapples with a far more intricate and shadowy reality. This role presents not just an acting challenge for Hyeri, but also a chance to demonstrate her versatility and depth as an actress.

The prospect of Hyeri potentially joining "Friendly Rivalry" has sparked considerable excitement among fans and critics alike. Her last drama appearance was in MBC's "May I Help You?" in December 2022, and since then, her admirers have eagerly awaited her return to the screen. Moreover, Hyeri is presently gearing up for the release of her forthcoming film, "Victory," underscoring her ongoing dedication to her professional growth.

The prospect of Hyeri joining "Friendly Rivalry" has been confirmed by Creative Group ING, her agency, affirming that the actress is actively considering the offer with enthusiasm. This signals Hyeri's genuine interest in exploring intricate themes and innovative storytelling through her craft.

Hyeri's keen interest in "Friendly Rivalry" and her potential involvement in the drama underscore her eagerness to tackle challenging and impactful roles that not only elevate her career but also enrich the diversity of Korean entertainment. Endowed with undeniable talent and a remarkable portfolio, Hyeri is poised to propel "Friendly Rivalry" to significant success.

As the Korean entertainment landscape evolves to embrace more diverse and nuanced narratives, the participation of actresses like Hyeri in projects such as "Friendly Rivalry" represents a commendable stride towards inclusive representation and storytelling that resonates globally. Anticipation mounts as we await final confirmation and eagerly anticipate future developments surrounding this captivating project.

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