IU and Park Bo Gum will Star in the upcoming drama "You Have Done Well"

You have done well

The highly anticipated K-drama "You Have Done Well" is set to make its global debut on Netflix.

Attention, K-drama enthusiasts! A spectacular surprise is on the horizon with the arrival of "You Have Done Well," the upcoming South Korean series destined for Netflix, the world's premier streaming platform.

The production powerhouse, Pan Entertainment, revealed on April 4th that they've inked a comprehensive production and distribution deal with Netflix. This ensures the global availability of the series for several years, with the contract extending until October 31, 2025. Brace yourselves for the heartwarming and enthralling narrative of "You Have Done Well," set to enrapture audiences across more than 190 countries.

The storyline revolves around two central characters: Ae Soon, an audacious aspiring poet, and Gwan Shik, a reserved individual. As their lives unfold, the series delves into their personal struggles and the eventual convergence of their paths. Audiences will embark on a journey with these characters, exploring themes of love, friendship, family, and the essence of life.

The cast of "You Have Done Well" is nothing short of impressive. The renowned singer and actress IU takes on the role of the young Ae Soon, while Park Bo Gum skillfully portrays the young Gwan Shik. Moon So Ri and Park Hae Joon adeptly depict Ae Soon and Gwan Shik in their middle age, respectively. The stellar ensemble is further enriched by the talents of Na Moon Hee, Choi Dae Hoon, Kim Yong Rim, and the emerging star Lee Jun Young.

Guiding the helm of this anticipated series is the distinguished director Kim Won Suk, known for his exceptional work in hit dramas such as "My Mister" and "Signal." Adding to the allure is the script by Im Sang Choon, a seasoned writer acclaimed for dramas like "Fight for My Way" and "When the Camellia Blooms."

"At present, "You Have Done Well" is in the throes of production and is poised for its imminent release on Netflix. Stay tuned for further updates! Prepare for an emotional roller coaster, an enchanting storyline, and a dream cast in this upcoming series that is poised to be a resounding success. Don't let it slip through your fingers!"

'You Have Done Well' is about Ae Soon and Gwan Sik, both born on Jeju Island in the 1950s. She is a girl who loves to read, is free-spirited and rebellious, and despite not being able to study due to her family's poverty, she doesn't give up and seeks to become a poet. He is a quiet, serious, and disciplined boy who loves Ae Soon and respects her. This story is attracting a lot of public attention, and everyone is eagerly anticipating its release. However, there is still some time to go, as the production of the series has just started. A few days ago, one of the first photos was revealed, showing Park Bo Gum and IU in a field of flowers. But it seems that not everything has gone so well because the producer of 'You Have Done Well' had to apologize for causing inconveniences during filming. What happened?

The producer of 'You Have Done Well' apologized to the residents and tourists at one of its filming locations. An internet user complained about the filming of 'You Have Done Well' because, during a festival in Gochang, while part of the drama was being recorded, tourists were asked not to pass through, affecting people who could enter one of the festival areas, ultimately impacting the local economy.

They were also prevented from taking photos despite the filming being at a distance, causing irritation to the tourists. In response to this complaint, the producer of 'You Have Done Well,' Pan Entertainment, apologized for the inconveniences.

Firstly, we sincerely apologize to the citizens who experienced inconveniences. We tried to minimize inconveniences in the filming process safely and prevent spoilers from leaking, but we apologize for not paying more attention to those who wanted to spend their valuable visiting time. We sincerely appreciate the citizens for understanding our filming, and we will work harder to be more careful in our filming process in the future.

Both parties have valid points, but the producer should have been more careful because, in the end, they were disrupting economic activity for the locals. While tourists may not have another chance to attend the festival and it was ruined by the restrictions they imposed.

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