Netflix: 5 Korean series to enjoy after finishing Squid Games

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If you've hopped on the success train of Netflix's series and are eager to delve deeper into the realm of K-dramas, we've curated a list of titles for you to dive into.

The Korean television phenomenon is not a passing trend, and amidst a plethora of options, it can be a tad overwhelming to decide which series to venture into next. Drawing inspiration from the gripping narrative of Squid Game, we present five captivating stories that serve as a seamless continuation after experiencing that intense drama.


If you were hooked by the interconnected stories:

My Name

1 season of 8 episodes

The storyline revolves around a young Korean woman who, having witnessed her father's murder at her doorstep, takes the bold step of infiltrating a drug trafficking group known as "The Organization" to uncover the identity of the perpetrator. Assuming the role of a police officer, she embarks on a dual mission: sharing information with the organization she's part of while simultaneously combating a new drug epidemic spreading across the streets of South Korea. Packed with action, impressive fight sequences, and numerous plot twists, this engaging fiction proves to be an ideal choice for an immersive binge-watching experience.

If you enjoyed the story of secret "organizations":


1 season of 20 episodes

Park Joo-hyung takes center stage in this series, with his narrative unfolding beyond the borders of South Korea. Adopted by an Italian family at the age of eight, he later becomes entangled with the mafia, aligning himself with the Cassano family clan. Amidst an internal struggle for power, circumstances compel his return to Seoul, where he embarks on a mission to retrieve 1.5 tons of gold concealed in Geumga Plaza, alongside a Chinese magnate.

Teaming up with a group of quirky tenants, the series follows his spirited efforts to reclaim the building and achieve his ambitious goal. Lighter in tone than Squid Game, it incorporates humorous moments, making it a distinctly unique and enjoyable narrative.

If you want to learn more about Korean culture:

D.P. (Deserter Pursuit)

1 season of 6 episodes

Adapted from a webtoon, this narrative delves into a fundamental aspect of Korean culture: mandatory military service for men. Centered around Private Ahn Joon-ho and Corporal Han Ho-yul, a tandem tasked with locating deserters and ensuring their return, each mission becomes a profound exploration of the harsh realities within the training camp. Themes of abuse of power, violations, and both physical and emotional violence are skillfully depicted, making it a challenging yet masterfully told story.

If you liked the natural setting:


1 season of 16 episodes

Starring one of the most popular actors of the moment, Song Kang, "Nevertheless" serves as a prime example that Korean television is anything but prudish. Tracking the love and heartbreak journey of its protagonists - Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-eon - both university art students, the series delves into their individual interpretations of love, the significance of intimacy, and the intricate link between desire and pleasure. Enhanced by breathtaking landscapes, several episodes were filmed on the captivating coast of South Korea, showcasing stunning cinematography!

If - by any chance - you now want a completely different series:

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

1 season of 16 episodes (airing weekly)

Building on the renown that K-dramas enjoy for romantic tales, "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" stands as the epitome of a well-crafted, highly amusing, and feel-good narrative. Yoon Hye-jin, a young dentist, relocates to a small town after her clinic boss goes to great lengths to thwart her chances of finding work in Seoul. Once settled in Gongjin, she encounters Hong Du-sik, the affable guy in town, who becomes her reliable ally in navigating and resolving the challenges that come her way.

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