Death's Game: The K-drama for those who hate K-dramas

death's game

When we say that not everything in K-dramas is about love stories, love triangles, and broken hearts, we mean it. Star+ has the perfect series to prove it.

While it's super logical and natural for our brains to go to love stories when thinking about K-dramas, when I say that not everything on Korean television is romance, I mean it very seriously. In fact, taking a step back, South Korea is well-known among horror enthusiasts for its huge productions in this genre.

So, while we enjoy beautiful fictions like Welcome To Samdalri and dramedies like Marry My Husband, we can also get involved with super dark stories like Death's Game.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the series is categorized as a dramatic story where fantasy and criminal thriller combine to build a narrative that hooks you until the end. With super dark and challenging-to-watch moments, it's also true that each episode has its own tone, and the heavier ones are balanced with lighter ones.


Death's Game Trailer

Netflix, Disney+, and Viki cater to the diverse preferences of K-drama enthusiasts, offering a plethora of captivating series. Amidst this extensive lineup, one particular show has been creating a buzz among fans ever since its announcement – "Death’s Game."

Death's Game unfolds with a tragic event: our protagonist, a promising young man on the brink of completing college, witnesses a person being struck by a car and dying in his arms. Compelled to attend an interview for his dream job just minutes later, as expected, he is so distraught that his performance suffers.

However, as he narrates the story, we come to understand that this marks the commencement of seven years fraught with misfortune, leading him to contemplate ending his life. Upon entering this existential limbo, he encounters the Angel of Death, who, vexed by his perceived lack of seriousness, proposes a game: he will have the chance to live 12 distinct lives—each destined to end in death. Successfully saving one life will grant him possession of that body until the end of his days.

With a compelling central narrative, one of the most captivating aspects of the series is the construction of a coral storyline. Given that the protagonist must navigate through 12 different lives, the cast contributes to the narrative with innovative and outstanding performances. While it doesn't adhere to a 'one episode, one death' structure, this dynamic approach adds an intriguing layer to the story.

If you're a K-drama enthusiast, you'll be amazed by the star-studded cast the production was able to bring together. Besides the leads (Seo In-guk and Park So-dam), the series boasts prominent names such as Jang Seung-jo, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Jae-wook, Oh Jung-se, and Kim Mi-kyung.


In the leading roles, we have Seo In-guk, known for his role as Cho Yi-jae in "Doom at Your Service," and Park So-dam, acclaimed for her performance as Death. Here's the complete cast list:

  1. Seo In-guk as Cho Yi-jae
  2. Park So-dam as Death
  3. Go Yoon-jung as Jung Ji-soo
  4. Kim Ji-hoon as Park Tae-woo
  5. Kim Jae-wook as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  6. Lee Do-hyun as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  7. Jang Seung-jo as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  8. Choi Si-wan as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  9. Lee Jae-wook as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  10. Sung Hoon as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  11. Oh Jung-se as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  12. Kim Kang-hoon as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)
  13. Yoo In-soo as Choi Yi-jae (reincarnation)

With a sole season consisting of eight episodes released in two parts, the fantastic news is that all episodes are now accessible on Amazon Prime, and I guarantee you won't regret giving it a watch.

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