Top 10 Free Addictive Viki Dramas That Will Captivate You with Their Narratives

Addictive Viki Dramas

Embark on a K-Drama Marathon: Explore Must-Watch Series for Free on Viki

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When it comes to Korean series, the online world opens doors to a myriad of options. From free choices to subscription-based services, Viki uniquely combines both, boasting a captivating catalog under one roof.

Within this collection, some dramas soar in popularity, while others quietly shine as hidden treasures. Despite varying viewer ratings, each delivers an enthralling storyline that embodies the essence of an exceptional drama.

What's more, many of these recommendations feature beloved stars like Seo In Guk, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, and more. Their presence makes these dramas a must-watch for any enthusiast.

Explore Viki's Unsubscribed Drama Collection and Dive Into Unforgettable Stories


10 Oh My Ghost

Year: 2015
Starring: Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

Na Bong Su, an aspiring chef employed at a bustling restaurant, is exceptionally skilled but hindered by her timid nature, largely because she can see ghosts. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes possessed by a ghost on the run—a young woman who passed away a virgin and believes her inability to move on is due to this unresolved matter. As this ghost occupies Bong Su's body, a journey of self-discovery ensues, unraveling profound revelations about her past.

9 Memorist

Year: 2020
Starring: Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Se Young, Jo Sung Ha

Dong Baek possesses an extraordinary ability to delve into people's memories with a mere touch. He discovered this gift during his student days and gradually honed it. Taking a bold step, he unveils this talent to the world. Utilizing his remarkable abilities, he embarks on a career as a detective, tirelessly chasing after notorious criminals.

8 Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Year: 2018
Starring: Seo In Guk and Jung So Min

The series delves into a tragic incident where a girl's life is lost in what appears to be an intentional crime. Detective Jin Gook endeavors to untangle the truth, leading various signs to implicate Kim Moo Young as the suspect. The plot intensifies when Moo Young forms a close bond with the detective's sister. Their relationship brings both solace and complexity, adding layers of emotion and depth to an already intricate situation.

7 Clean With Passion For Now

Year: 2018
Starring: Kim Yoo Jung, Yoon Kyun Sang, Song Jae Rim

Jang Sun Kyul battles severe mysophobia, an intense fear of germs that prompts him to avoid all physical contact due to the dread of encountering dust particles. Despite this, he maintains the facade of a skilled entrepreneur, specializing in cleaning services. His life takes an unexpected turn upon meeting a girl completely unfazed by dirt and disorder.

6 W: Two Worlds

Year: 2016
Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo

Yeon Joo, a young nurse and daughter of the creator of W, a highly acclaimed webtoon, faces a sudden twist when her father decides to conclude the story by attempting to end the protagonist's life. In an unexpected turn, Yeon Joo finds herself transported into the world of the webtoon.

5 30 But 17

Year: 2018
Starring: Yang Se Jong, Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Hyo Seob

Woo Seo Ri, a talented violinist at 17, faced an unexpected twist when she slipped into a 13-year coma. Her miraculous awakening unveils a startling reality: despite her physical transformation into a 30-year-old woman, she clings to the youthful essence and perspectives she held before the coma. It's as if time froze for her, preserving her teenage spirit amidst her adult appearance.

4 Personal Taste

Year: 2010
Starring: Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Ji

Jin Ho, a young architect, vies with his firm to win prestigious projects. An opportunity arises to develop a major art center, contingent on winning a competition. Jin Ho, aiming to glean crucial design insights, ventures into a renowned house owned by the individual who will greenlight the competition winner. The house is occupied by Park Gae In, who agrees to let him stay under the misconception that Jin Ho is a potential gay tenant.

3 Hotel del Luna

Year: 2019
Starring: IU and Yeo Jin Goo

Man Wol, from an ancient era, faced consequences for a grave mistake and was appointed to oversee Hotel del Luna, a captivating realm where departing ghosts find solace. This mystical place allows spirits to reconcile before leaving Earth. As it's time to appoint a new manager, Man Wol has targeted a human to aid her in this unique establishment.

2 The World Of My 17

Year: 2020
Starring: Arin, Hwang Bo Reum Byul, Kim Do Ah, Han Chae Kyung

Follow Oh Na Ri, a high school freshman dreaming of an ordinary life, as she faces her insecurities amidst encounters with her seemingly flawless classmates. As she gradually bonds with them, she discovers the possibility of forming lasting friendships, unveiling a heartwarming journey through her school years.

1 Descendants of the Sun

Year: 2016
Starring: Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

The story revolves around an army general who falls for a doctor while visiting the emergency room on a break. Their romance sparks swiftly but fades due to differing views on life. Destiny intervenes as both are deployed on a special mission abroad, reuniting them amidst their respective teams.

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