Prime Video: 6 Captivating K-Dramas That Will Keep You Hooked

6 amazon prime k-dramas

Lately, Prime Video has been enriching its content library with numerous Korean series, and we've got the scoop on the ones you simply can't afford to overlook. Whether your taste leans toward intense criminal thrillers or heartwarming love tales, these six new titles are nothing short of spectacular, ensuring a captivating journey that will have you firmly rooted in your seat until the final episode.


Death's Game

Episodes: 8

Synopsis: Based on the webtoon of the same title, "Death's Game" weaves together elements of fantasy, criminal thriller, and drama. The narrative follows a young Korean man who, grappling with the aftermath of a career setback, tragically ends his own life and confronts Death. Offended by what Death perceives as a frivolous approach to life, an angel proposes a unique deal: the young man will embark on 12 distinct life experiences, each culminating in death. Should he succeed in saving any of these lives, he'll earn the opportunity to retain that storyline and reset his own existence.

The Killing Vote

Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Derived from the webtoon "National Vote on the Death Penalty," "The Killing Vote" distinguishes itself from "Squid Game," yet if you found the latter intriguing on Netflix, this series is a must-watch. The plot centers on a mysterious extortionist orchestrating surveys through text messages to determine the application of the death penalty for specific criminals. Upon a majority vote in favor, he executes the prescribed punishment.

Marry My Husband

Episodes: 16 (new episodes every Monday and Tuesday)

Synopsis: Adapted from a renowned webtoon, "Marry My Husband" unfolds as a revenge drama with captivating touches of fantasy and romance. Gripping from the outset, the narrative centers on a young Korean woman in the terminal stages of cancer who unveils her husband's betrayal with her closest friend, ultimately resulting in her tragic demise. Motivated by undisclosed forces, she discovers the ability to journey ten years into the past, embarking on a quest for vengeance and reshaping her own destiny.


Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Starring the captivating Cha Eun-woo and adapted from the gripping webtoon "Island," this Amazon TV series expertly intertwines elements of horror, fantasy, and action. The story revolves around Won Mi-ho, sent by her family to Jeju Island to serve as an ethics teacher. Swiftly detecting an unsettling undercurrent, she realizes the island is veiled in chaos, entangled in the grip of sinister forces. Get ready for an immersive journey into the unknown as the mysteries of Jeju Island unfold in this thrilling narrative.


Episodes: 16

Synopsis: For those in search of a heartwarming romance, "Heartbeat" unfolds the tale of Woo-hyul, a vampire yearning to embrace humanity. Stirred from his slumber a day before his 100th birthday by In-hae, the new homeowner, they embark on an unexpected cohabitation. Portrayed as the enchanting love story between a vampire with dreams of love and a woman with an icy heart, fans enchanted by "Doom at Your Service" are in for a treat with this series.

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: Streamable on both Netflix and Prime Video, "Tale of the Nine Tailed" becomes a must-watch not only for its captivating fantasy, romance, and historical elements but also for the magnetic presence of Lee Dong-wook. The series delves into the intricate relationship between a kumiho (nine-tailed fox) on a mission to rid the city of monsters threatening humans and a producer immersed in unraveling urban myths. Their destinies intricately weave together in a narrative that promises a spellbinding journey.

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