Itaewon Class: The best K-drama available on Netflix that everyone should watch.

Itaewon class

In the realm of K-dramas, certain series have risen to the status of great classics, deserving the attention of every fan at least once. Itaewon Class is unquestionably one such gem.

When venturing into the Korean wave, there's always a fellow enthusiast suggesting the must-watch series that not only enjoyed tremendous success but also offer insights into the phenomenon of South Korean television. Titles like Goblin (available on Viki), Crash Landing on You (Netflix), or Start-Up (Netflix) are integral to this list, and Itaewon Class proudly stands among them.

With the debut of The Squid Game, a wave of newfound appreciation has swept over this colossal Korean classic. Here, we will delve into the reasons why missing out on Itaewon Class would be a regrettable oversight.


Itaewon Class Trailer

5 things you need to know about Itaewon Class:

  1. like many other Korean series, Itaewon Class is an adaptation of a webtoon that swiftly gained widespread popularity. Crafted by the talented Jo Kwang Jin, who served as both the writer and illustrator, he also undertook the responsibility of translating this digital graphic novel into a television series. Reflecting on his multifaceted role, Jo Kwang Jin noted, "As a webtoon author, my task was to seamlessly integrate words and images and conclude it on a weekly basis. Bravery can stem from ignorance, and there was a part of me that believed it would be a straightforward task [to produce the script] since I only had to write. However, there are parallels in crafting narratives within a webtoon and a drama. Having attentively considered the opinions of the director, actors, and staff, I am making adjustments to ensure I put forth my best effort in creating a compelling project," shared the author.
  2. The narrative of Itaewon Class unfolds as a family and revenge drama, delving into one of the most prevalent tropes in K-dramas— the concept of an individual seeking retribution for the death or injustice inflicted upon a family member. What sets Itaewon Class apart is its departure from fantastical or criminal elements typically associated with such storylines. The central character, Park Saeroy, witnesses a drastic upheaval in his life when the son of a formidable tycoon in the food industry murders his father. In a surge of hatred and violence, he retaliates, leaving the assailant nearly unconscious. Following a stint in prison, upon his release, Park Saeroy resolves to establish a restaurant empire, aiming not only to rival his arch-nemesis but also to unveil the heinous crimes committed.
  3. Like a breeding ground for big stars, the cast of Itaewon Class is filled with actors you probably know:
    • Park Seo-joon as Park Saeroyi. Beyond the Marvel movie and The Monster of Old Seoul, you may recognize him from Dream and Parasite.
    • Yoo Jae-myung as Jang Dae-hee. You've likely seen him in Reply 1988, Vincenzo, and Forest of Secrets.
    • Kim Da-mi as Cho Yi-seo. If you enjoy romantic K-dramas, you may have seen her in the beautiful Our Beloved Summer.
    • Kwon Nara as Oh Soo-ah. You probably know her from My Mister.
    • Ahn Bo-hyun as Jang Geun-won. From Yumi's Cells to See You in My 19th Life, he is one of the hottest actors of the moment.
  4. Boasting stellar performances and an incredibly poignant storyline that seamlessly blends drama, romance, and comedy, Itaewon Class secured its status as a classic in South Korean television. The series stood out for its innovative narrative and character development. Going beyond conventional boundaries, Itaewon Class introduces an Afro-Korean character, navigating a profound narrative arc exploring identity and the essence of 'being Korean.' Additionally, the inclusion of a transgender character, whose journey from male to female is compassionately portrayed, reflects the show's fearlessness in addressing social and cultural themes traditionally considered taboo on South Korean television.
  5. Available on Netflix for binge-watching, Itaewon Class has only one season with 16 episodes, each lasting a little over an hour.

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