The Top 3 Addictive and Romantic Korean Series on Netflix to Binge-Watch This Winter

Top 3 Addictive and Romantic Korean Series on Netflix

'Crash Landing On You,' 'King The Land,' and 'Business Proposal': Three Enchanting Korean Romantic Series on Netflix That'll Keep You Hooked from the Get-Go.

Every Korean series release on Netflix holds a special place in the hearts of its audience. Be it zombie thrillers, horror tales, action-packed dramas, or the beloved subgenre of Korean romantic comedies, often referred to as K-romance, these series continue to captivate viewers. Netflix recognizes the growing strength of this niche, with platform data revealing a threefold increase in global viewership between 2018 and 2022.

A noteworthy fact is that in 2022, over 90% of the viewership came from outside South Korea. The export and international reach of streaming platforms have allowed this genre, which has been thriving in Korea for years, to extend its success worldwide. Even if you haven't yet explored the world of Korean romantic comedies, we're here to demonstrate that Korean dramas offer much more than the widely acclaimed 'Squid Game.'

These series are fresh, entertaining, and masterfully crafted, making Netflix's Korean romantic comedies the ideal choice for binge-watching on summer afternoons. Whether you're already a dedicated fan or a newcomer to this genre, this article is your gateway to three of the latest hits available on Netflix.

1) 'Crash Landing on You'

Sure, 'Crash Landing On You' kicks off with a healthy dose of surrealism, reminiscent of 'Palm Springs,' one of the most beloved recent romantic comedies. But trust us, you'll be captivated. The story unfolds when a young and accomplished businesswoman experiences a paragliding mishap (yes, a hurricane "whisks" her away and lands her in North Korea). In this unfamiliar territory, where her influence holds no sway, she must seek assistance from a military officer, transcending all political considerations. Featuring two of South Korea's most adored actors, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, Crash Landing on You stands as one of Netflix's cherished gems, offering a 16-episode season that's bound to enchant you.

2) 'King The Land'

Meet Gu-won, the sophisticated, charismatic, and intelligent heir of King Group. He seemingly has it all, but there's one missing piece: the memory of his mother. In his quest to reclaim his lost memories, he returns to King Hotel. At this hotel, renowned for its warm hospitality, Cheon Sa-rang, known as the queen of smiles, has worked tirelessly to rise from the reception desk to the glamorous 'King the Land' space, where her path crosses with Gu-won's. This story is a classic 'enemies to lovers' tale, further enriched by the presence of global K-Pop idols in the lead roles, Jun-ho and Yoon-ah. Since its debut, it has rapidly become one of Netflix's beloved Korean series.

3) 'Business Propoposal'

One of the top Korean series on Netflix, "Business Proposal," made quite an impact in 2022, ranking among the most-watched and Googled South Korean shows. With 10 one-hour episodes, this romantic comedy is a delightful tangle of misunderstandings that ultimately lead to positive outcomes. The story kicks off when a young woman reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date in place of her friend, aiming to help her friend politely decline the suitor. To her astonishment, upon arriving at the rendezvous, she discovers that her date is none other than the director of the company she works for. This engaging series unfolds over a single season encompassing 12 episodes.

In conclusion, "Business Proposal" is a delightful and heartwarming Korean drama that successfully combines romance and comedy. With its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and moments of humor and charm, it offers an enjoyable viewing experience. The series' unique twist on the classic "enemies to lovers" trope, coupled with the talented cast, including K-Pop idols, makes it a standout in the world of Korean dramas. If you're looking for a series that will leave you with a smile on your face, "Business Proposal" is definitely worth a watch.

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