Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince

"Coffee Prince" is a 2007 drama that garnered remarkable success in South Korea, achieving a viewership rating of 25%. Its popularity extended beyond the Korean borders, as it was translated into Spanish and broadcasted in various countries, including Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, and more. This drama transcended cultural boundaries, captivating the hearts of international audiences.

"Coffee Prince" remains an exceptional drama that is cherished for its lovely and nuanced blend of dramatic and comedic elements. Despite the passage of time, its beauty endures, affirming the sentiment that, in the world of dramas, "the older, the better."


**spoilers alert**

As an actor, Yoon Eun-hee impeccably portrays a man in the play, adding a delightful touch to scenes involving eating, playing with colleagues in a cafe, and even going to the toilet. Her comedic timing and composition are spot-on, making these moments some of the funniest in "Coffee Prince."

Gong Yoo's portrayal of Choi Han-kyul is that of a man grappling with the realization that he is in love with another man. His character undergoes a crisis, confusion, and ultimately bravely embraces his feelings in a storyline that adds depth to the narrative. Gong Yoo's performance rescues the character, especially as the truth unfolds.

Choi Han-kyul, a rich man accustomed to being spoiled by his family, harbors a secret that unfolds throughout the drama, providing an explanation for his character's complexities.

While the series may not heavily focus on romance, the few scenes it does offer are well-executed, with the door kissing scene standing out as one of the best.

"Coffee Prince" weaves two romantic storylines involving two couples, portrayed by Lee Sun-gyu as Choi Han-sung and Chae Jung-an as Han Yoo-joo. The two plots intertwine seamlessly, contributing to the series' balanced mix of fun, romance, drama, and depth of conflict.

The remaining cast delivers excellent performances, and the soundtrack enhances the viewing experience. The series masterfully combines humor with its tragic and profound elements, providing a well-rounded narrative.

Upon its conclusion, viewers may find themselves feeling a sense of sadness, longing to continue enjoying the company of these beloved characters. "Coffee Prince" conveys values such as respect for family, elders, and work, along with a pure dedication to doing one's best for oneself and waiting for others' values to mature. The characters' nobility adds a nourishing quality to the overall viewing experience.

The Plot

The storyline revolves around the life of Go Eun-chan, a girl with an unconventional mother and a younger sister who requires care. Drawing on her past experience in Taekwondo, Eun-chan adopts a strong, masculine demeanor, choosing to forego her female identity to support her family through various jobs.

Eun-chan grapples with societal confusion due to her unconventional dressing and expressions, leading others to mistake her for a man.

Choi Han-gyeom, the heir to a respected and prosperous family, is tasked with co-running a cafe to showcase his capabilities. Believing Eun-chan to be a man from the start, he hires her to work at "Coffee Prince." As they work together, Han-gyeom gradually develops authentic feelings for Eun-chan. However, he finds himself questioning his own sexuality, contemplating whether he might be experiencing same-sex attraction.

Simultaneously, Eun-chan harbors feelings for Han-gyeom but faces a dilemma—she cannot reveal her true identity as a woman, as the cafe only allows male employees. The unfolding narrative explores the complexities of identity, societal expectations, and the challenges of navigating love and self-discovery.

Title in English: Coffee Prince
Network: MBC
Broadcast: July 02 to August 27, 2007
Episodes: 17


Original Work: Novel “Coffee Prince” by Lee Sun Mi
Producer: Lee Eun Kyu
Director: Lee Yoon Jung
Writers: Lee Jung Ah / Jang Hyun Joo

The Cast

Yoon Eun Hye is Go Eun Chan Relationship Chart
Gong Yoo is Choi Han Kyul
Lee Sun Gyun is Choi Han Sung
Chae Jung Ahn is Han Yoo Joo
Kim Ja Ok is Han Kyul's mother
Choi Il Hwa is Han Kyul's father
Kim Young Ok is Han Kyul's grandmother
Park Won Sook is Eun Chan's mother
Kim Chang Wan is Hong Gae Sik (former cafeteria president)

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