Fated to love You: A heartfelt drama that touches every emotion

Fated to love You

From an initially absurd and almost delusional start, a remarkable drama unfolds. At first, I wasn't fond of it and nearly quit, but as the chapters progressed, it transformed into something truly memorable.

Title: 운명처럼 널 사랑해 / Woonmyungcheorom Neol Saranghae
English name: FATED TO LOVE YOU
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 20
Network: MBC
Broadcast time: 07/02/2014 to 09/04/2014

"Fated to Love You" stands out as a classic, seamlessly blending comedy, melodrama, and romance, enriched by the captivating performances of its lead actors.

Jang Hyuk's portrayal of Lee Gun is nothing short of fantastic—an eccentric character expertly executed with a sensibility that traverses the spectrum from absurdity to deep drama. His versatility shines, making Lee Gun a memorable and multidimensional personality.

Jang Nara, in the role of Kim Mi Young, initially depicted as a seemingly trivial person, evolves into a character of immense kindness and care. Her journey transforms her into a role model, adding layers of humor and, ultimately, making her irresistibly lovable.

Choi Jin Hyuk's presence, charming smile, and protective role contribute impeccable charisma to the drama, adding another layer of depth to the storyline.

"Fated to Love You" seamlessly weaves between humor and drama, evoking laughter and tears in equal measure. The emotional depth of certain scenes can be truly moving, resonating with both men and women.

The drama mirrors life's intricacies—moments of challenge, fairness, and incredible character development. It imparts valuable lessons on regeneration, growth, progress, and compassion.

Upon its conclusion, the viewer is left with a profound appreciation for the significance of good work, kindness, humility, and caring for others—a message beautifully embedded in the narrative.

The only quirk lies in the peculiar costumes, with less-than-tasteful combinations that may raise an eyebrow. However, these eccentricities neither detract nor add significantly to the overall experience.


The Plot:

Lee Gun, the president of a household products chemical company, harbors a deep admiration for a particular dancer. On the other hand, Kim Mi-young holds the position of secretary at a law firm and is nicknamed "Post-it" due to her tendency to be unable to refuse the requests of her peers. She accumulates tasks as a result, as others take advantage of her kindness and gentle personality.

The plot takes a turn when Li Jian and Meiying, under the influence of a third party, find themselves in a situation where Meiying becomes pregnant. This unexpected event sets the stage for a series of events that will shape the narrative of the story.

When Gun's grandmother, President Wang, discovers the situation, she compels Gun to seek her out and marry her. However, uncertainty looms as Jiang Shila reappears.

The Romantic Dynamic Lee Gun emerges as a captivating and charismatic character, while his counterpart is depicted as a somewhat naive "post-it girl" with a surface-level portrayal, yet mentally resilient. Despite their notable personality differences, her unexpected character transformation mid-series introduces a layer of complexity to the narrative.

The Interplay of Kisses: King Mi and Lee Gun

Introducing Choi Jin-hyuk (1986) as Daniel Pitt, the Supporting Role vying for Kim Mi's affection. As an affluent character with hidden wealth, Daniel Pitt embodies the classic third-wheel trope seen in many K-dramas. Unfortunately, his lack of charisma and a feeble confession make him come across as more of a pushover than a substantial character.

Daniel Pitt and Kim Mi-yeong: Wrapping Up

"Fated to Love You" offers a light-hearted escape amidst other shows. While not overly ambitious, it carries comedic elements. If you're looking for a break from weightier content, it comes recommended!

We hope you enjoyed this review of the K-drama "Fated to Love You"!


  • 2014 7th Korea Drama Awards: Best Original Soundtrack Goodbye My Love
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Mini-Series Actor for Jang Hyuk
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award for Mini-Series Actress for Jang Na Ra
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards : Best Couple (Jang Na Ra & Jang Hyuk)
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards: Jang Na Ra Popularity Award.

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