W, Lee Jong Suk: mbark on a journey into a fantastical world with this captivating drama

W Lee Jong Suk

I binge-watched 2 episodes in a row, and time just flew by! I'm thrilled!

The original concept was brought to the small screen by Song Jae-jung, the mind behind Nine Journeys, but this time, it's a famous cartoon character instead of time travel.

The art direction is exceptional; I adore the shifts between reality and the animated world.

The series boasts a diverse range of genres, injecting it with a dynamic pace and thrilling action.

Numerous mysteries keep us hooked: Why did Kang Zhe enter the novel? Why did Oh Yeon kill Joo's father, Kang Chul? Who's responsible for Kang Chul's family's death, and what was the motive?

Lee Jong Suk's acting is flawless; he somehow embodies the essence of a cartoon character.

Han Hyo Joo's performance is empathetic; she tries to understand the events rather than losing her mind.

The entire cast delivers impeccable performances!

Highly favored by the audience!

Lee Jong Suk certainly knows how to pick an engaging drama! Finally, something fun, fresh, and original. The storyline concluded too quickly—I chose to watch it!

Some viewers have drawn comparisons to Healer!


The Plot

Oh Yeon-joo is a cardiothoracic surgeon in her 30s, and her father is the renowned author of "W," South Korea's most famous webtoon. The writer, growing weary of the character Kang Chul, decides it's time to end his story. However, unforeseen events occur, leading Oh Yeon-joo to be inexplicably transported into Kang Chul's fictional world. Now, she must unravel the mystery behind the convergence of the two worlds and understand her father's obsessive desire to kill the protagonist of the drama.

Kang Chul is an Olympic gold medalist and an heir who assumed his responsibilities at a young age. A sharp-minded individual, he is accustomed to approaching situations with calmness and clear thinking.

Oh Yeon Soo is a second-year resident physician specializing in cardiothoracic medicine. Though she has a compassionate heart, she tends to act impulsively without much forethought.

The storyline unfolds in a parallel universe.

W Cast

  • Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul
  • Han Hyo Joo as Oh Yeon-joo
  • Jung Yoo Jin as Yoon So Hee
  • Kim Eui Sung
  • Kang Ki Young as Kang Suk Bum
  • Heo Jung Do
  • Lee Tae Hwan
  • Lee Shi Un as Park Soo Bong

Kang Chul, brought to life by Lee Jong Suk in the K-drama series "W," embodies a charismatic and multidimensional character. As a brilliant and determined protagonist, Kang Chul undergoes a remarkable transition from the confines of a fictional comic book world to the intricacies of the real world, offering viewers a captivating and unpredictable storyline marked by resilience and evolving self-awareness.

Oh Yeon-joo, portrayed by Han Hyo-joo, is a talented and bright resident cardiothoracic surgeon. As the daughter of a renowned webtoon artist, she becomes entangled in a surreal connection between the real world and the fictional universe of her father's webtoon. Yeon-joo's character exudes determination and courage as she navigates the complexities of both realms, striving to save the protagonist, Kang Chul, and herself from unforeseen dangers. Throughout the series, she undergoes significant growth, showcasing resilience and resourcefulness in various unexpected situations.


  • Director: Jung Dae Yoon
  • Writer: Song Jae Jung

In Conclusion

I couldn't identify any flaws, and I sincerely hope it maintains its excellence throughout all 16 episodes!

Like many other viewers, I'm genuinely thrilled and eagerly anticipate each upcoming episode.

"W," starring Lee Jong Suk, takes audiences on an exhilarating journey through parallel universes, keeping them on the edge with its compelling narrative and charismatic performances. While the series relies on creative storytelling and Lee Jong Suk's engaging portrayal, the intricate plot might demand a committed viewer. Nevertheless, the unique concept, paired with the flawless execution of the complex storyline, positions "W" as a standout in the realm of Korean dramas, leaving the audience captivated and yearning for more.

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