Seducing Mr. Perfect Review: A funny and well made movie

Seducing Mr. Perfect

I wanted to watch something interesting, I'm tired of the hustle and bustle of the day, and I don't want to watch the dramas because they have 16 or 20 chapters, so I'm looking on a site for some testimonials and recommendations and I read about Seducing Mr. Perfect.

As I delved into the storyline, it felt like stepping into a classic romance novel. The tall, brooding boss, an expert in love, and the cheerful yet inexperienced secretary set the stage for a familiar boss-secretary dynamic. Despite this well-known trope, the movie's charm is mesmerizing, continuously captivating the audience. With delightful leads and skillful direction, the film offers a perfect blend of charm, sensuality, and entertainment, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

The narrative kicks off with Min-joon (played by Uhm Jung Hwa), a staunch believer in true love who, despite enduring repeated heartbreaks, remains steadfast in her commitment to relationships. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Robin Heiden (portrayed by Daniel Henney), her new boss, whose contrasting views on love make him an intriguing guide on the subject. As their bond deepens, the differing perspectives lead to conflicts—a crucial element for tension-building in most narratives—before they navigate challenges and find their way to a happy ending.

The film's primary allure revolves around Daniel Henney's captivating presence. His striking appearance and charm are absolutely mesmerizing, giving his character a tailor-made feel. Despite restrained emotions, Uhm Jung Hwa's vibrant performance skillfully balances this aspect, resulting in delightful on-screen chemistry. Throughout, the movie maintains a light and enjoyable tone, offering numerous adorable and romantic moments. While I didn't form a deep connection with the characters, their charming personas made them quite likable. Notably, the film's unique use of English by Daniel Henney and Korean by Uhm Jung Hwa seamlessly blends, adding an interesting dynamic without feeling out of place.


The Positives:

"Seducing Mr. Perfect" boasts a singular allure—the captivating beauty of its lead actors. Yan Zhenghua exudes charm and sexiness, while Daniel is remarkably handsome.

The Drawbacks:

The movie serves as a simple, unpretentious comedy to fill idle moments. It lacks a substantial script, eschews complexity or brilliance, and doesn't invest much in dialogues and plot development.

Score for Seducing Mr. Perfect:

It falls somewhere in the middle – neither good nor bad. Whether you watch it or not, it doesn't make much of a difference.

Movie, South Korea

Original title: Mr. 로빈 꼬시기
English title: Seducing Mr. Perfect

Release date: 07 – December – 2006
Country: South Korea
Genre: Comedy – Romance
Duration: 107 minutes


Uhm Jung Hwa is Min Joon
Daniel Henney is Robin Heiden

The Plot of Seducing Mr. Perfect

Min-joon, a fervent romantic, finds herself wholly committed to her relationships, only to face heartbreaks every time, each more painful than the last. This time, on her birthday, she experiences the most devastating breakup of her life.

Distracted by the aftermath of her recent split, she collides with a foreign and expensive-looking car. A handsome yet visibly upset young man emerges from the car. In an attempt to avoid the situation, Min-joon pretends not to understand English. However, when she begins her new job, she discovers that the irate young foreigner is none other than her new boss, Robin Hayden.

Uhm Jung Hwa shines in her role, infusing the film with delightful and comedic moments that enhance its overall charm. Daniel Henney's performance is noteworthy, skillfully embodying his character and leaving a lasting impact, likely to resonate with audiences. While the soundtrack didn't capture my close attention during my initial viewing, it complements the film's ambiance.

For those in search of a lighthearted, feel-good, and romantic movie, "Seducing Mr. Perfect" emerges as an ideal choice.

Seducing Mr. Perfect Trailer

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