A Shop for Killers: An enthralling action-packed drama featuring Lee Dong Wook

A Shop for Killers

In this thrilling new action-packed K-drama, a young orphan finds herself up against a network of assassins. In "A Shop for Killers," a young woman who has lost her entire family must now evade relentless hitmen who are pursuing her relentlessly.

Following the success of "Moving," hailed as one of the best K-dramas of 2023, Disney Korea ventures further into the action genre with a compelling storyline that blends contract killers and gripping family drama. In "A Shop for Killers," viewers are drawn into a fast-paced series that unravels the mysteries surrounding the protagonist's uncle and the perilous web of criminal connections that may ultimately determine her fate.

Leading the narrative is the renowned actor Lee Dong Wook, renowned for his undeniable versatility honed over two decades in the industry. Having portrayed romantic leads, enigmatic assassins, and supernatural beings, Lee now embodies Jeong Jin Man, a clandestine figure overseeing a high-stakes enterprise: the illicit trade of weaponry. The utilization of the dark web as his primary sales platform offers telling insights into the shadowy nature of his clientele.

On the flip side, Kim Hye Jun (Kingdom) embodies the role of Jeong Ji An, the niece whose life took a drastic turn at the tender age of seven. It was when her grandmother passed away under inexplicable circumstances, and her parents met their demise hours later, during the funeral. Jin Man steps in as her guardian, until he too is discovered dead. Now a college student, Ji An unearths hidden truths but also realizes that there are individuals intent on seeing her six feet under.

This eight-episode narrative wastes no time and fulfills all the expectations of its genre. The storyline is intricately woven with flashbacks, providing essential insights into Ji An's past and her relationship with her uncle. Lee Dong Wook's character appears to be grooming her for an imminent future where she must wield weapons and physical force to safeguard her life.

The ensemble of "A Shop for Killers" is rounded out by Seo Hyun Woo (The Evil Flower), Jo Han Sun (Kitchen League), Park Ji Bin (known for his role as a child actor in Boys over Flowers), Geum Hae Na, and Kim Min.

Synopsis Here's the official synopsis of the miniseries: "Shortly after starting university, Ji An receives a call from the local police informing her of her uncle's 'suicide.' Her guardian since the death of her parents, Uncle Jeong Jin Man, had always been quiet and mysterious, but never suicidal. However, before she has a chance to process it, her life takes a turn due to a hail of gunfire, killer drones, and more, as a group of hitmen target her. Trapped in her uncle's house, Ji An must draw upon the peculiar training he imparted over the years in the hope of surviving long enough to uncover the truth behind the chaos."

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